NHS Registration

NHS Registration

Did you know that to retain your access to NHS dental treatment you need to attend regularly?

Please read the information below and be sure to keep up your right to access NHS dental services.

Many patients often forget to make regular visits to see their dentist. And then, before you realise, it’s been nearly two years!


But be warned!

Due to the high level of patients wishing to receive NHS dental treatment and the very long waiting lists, we have no choice but to remove patients who have not attended for two years or more from our database.

What do you need to do?

  • Always attend any appointment booked or cancel the appointment more than 24 hours before it is due.
  • Make sure you book your next dental examination before you leave the practice, whether it’s three, six, nine or even twelve months in advance, our reception teams will tell you when your next appointment is due.
  • Check and update your contact details. Be sure they are correct, especially your email address and mobile phone, if you have one.

Use it! Don’t lose it!

Once you have been removed from our database you are no longer able to receive NHS treatment at the practice.  If you want to receive NHS treatment again, you will need to contact the NHS and join another practice’s waiting list. As NHS waiting lists are long, it may be some time before you can join another practice. So, our recommendation is that you protect your right to access to NHS dental treatment status.


Our recommendation is that you protect your right to access to NHS dental treatment status by attending your appointments and booking your next appointment before you leave the practice.


NHS Patients

If you are a patient who attends regularly and are in pain during practice opening hours, please telephone at 8.30 am and we will make every effort for you to be seen on the same day within surgery hours if possible.

We will direct you to one of practices so that you can be seen. You will need to be free to attend and possibly have transport available on the day that you call.

Please be aware that this is an emergency appointment to relieve pain wherever possible.

If you pay for your NHS dental treatment, there will be a charge of £23.80 unless you are already undergoing a course of treatment.

If you are in pain outside of surgery hours, please telephone NHS on 111 who will put you in contact with the dentist on call.


Private patients please telephone the practice during normal opening hours or if outside normal hours please listen to the instructions provided.

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